SEL & Summer Camp – Part 4

It’s day four of our interview series with social and emotional learning expert, Jennifer S. Miller. Here’s what she had to say about incorporating SEL in topic focused camps:

LN:  There are general summer camps and camps that focus on specialized topics (i.e. STEM, art, music, dance, sports, etc.). Is it important for the specialized camps to consider SEL concepts? If so, what are some tips as to how these camps should go about incorporating SEL in their programs?

JSM:  All camps whether general or specialized will better serve youth if they look at specific ways to integrate social and emotional learning (SEL) into their everyday operations. For example, consider how you can create a daily routine of helping campers build trusting relationships with one another and the staff, in enjoyable ways?

Illustration from Confident Parents, Confident Kids

Check out the cooperative games listed on the Confident Parents, Confident Kids’ site. I also love the book Adventures In Peacemaking by William Kriedler for simple, fun, easy-to-implement cooperative games that promote skills. Another great resource is 99 Activities and Greeting by Melissa Corea-Connelly.

Also, all camps know that they will need to help children manage their big emotions as they go through their days. Prepare a plan for those big feelings?

For staff members, check out the Emotional Safety Plan, a one-page template for creating your own plan for calming down in those challenging moments. Additionally, staff can benefit significantly from reviewing the ages and stages/developmental milestones their campers are working on. Check out the NBC Parent Toolkit for age/stage information across academic, social and emotional and physical development areas. In addition, there are helpful pamphlets that offer ages/stages information by grade level – check out Yardsticks Guides.


Jennifer S. Miller, SEL expert and author of Confident Parents, Confident Kids blog.

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