Kaleidoscope Garden

This dreamy little “piece of heaven” – on a golf course – is their home, the backdrop for the playful antics of our series characters. There’s lots of open, manicured green grasses; it includes a clear, fresh water stream, with pebbles and glass-like stones that reflect the sun’s light (like a kaleidoscope); lush grasses, willows, and sticky weeds as well as a big butterfly bush. The colorful flowers include purple coneflowers, sage, a beauty bush, sunflowers, lilacs, snapdragons, zinnias, big shade trees, and more as well as swaying palm trees.

Although the characters feel it’s the perfect place to live, there are moments of angst. They often have to watch out for, and avoid grounds keepers, golf course patrons, and the dreaded Gregory Gator.

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