Series Characters

Lulu Noire is a black butterfly and the storyteller behind the Lulu Noire’s Black Butterfly Tales children’s book series. She and her friends live in Kaleidoscope Garden. Their warm-hearted adventures are meant to show kids examples of positive socialization and the best way to be a friend. Her friends are:

  • Iggy V., a delightful, little, green iguana and Lulu Noire’s best friend;
  • Hump-Frey, a lovable and intelligent turtle;
  • Paisley, a self-assured and dramatic peacock;
  • Azully, a free-spirit bluebird;
  • Brothers A., B., & C., an instigating trio of dragonflies;
  • Max & Marnie, a brother-sister caterpillar duo;
  • Freckles, a cute and manipulative male lady bug;
  • Gregory Gator, this group of friends’ arch-enemy #1