The Kid in Me Podcast

Hey! Good news. We have a podcast. It’s still in its infancy and we’re working out the kinks, but we’d love for you to check it out. It’s called The Kid in Me and is hosted by Sherri O. and Olivia. The Kid in Me is a production of And I Still Fly and focuses on topics of interest that kids encounter daily, looking at them from an adult perspective – but with “the kid in me” in mind. Listen on our site at, or at

For our 2nd episode, the chat topic is about the pros and cons of social media – in honor of Social Media Day, June 30th.

Lulu Noire Finds Her Way Home

Hi, everyone. Summer is almost here. The weather is so nice and because of this I decided to wander about my neighborhood. But, I went too far and got lost. Thankfully, along the way, reminders of my friends help me get back to Kaleidoscope Garden. National Scavenger Hunt Day was May 24th – right around the time I lost my way. So, I decided to treat each reminder like a clue and I made it home. Yay!!! See what happened below.

Today is National Stress Awareness Day

Know a child that’s stressed? It happens to everyone. Even me and my friends here in Kaleidoscope Garden. But that doesn’t stop us from trying to keep things as stress-free as possible. How do we do it? Here are a few tips for you to try to help prevent stress in the kids you know.

Keep a set routine. We do. Routines are a great way to establish a safe environment. We get up early, eat, and then play together. Establishing a routine like eating dinner at the table each night and family-time can be comforting and feel like a safe space.

Monitor TV shows and video games. We don’t watch TV or play video games in Kaleidoscope Garden but, we’ve heard that graphic visuals or stories on TV can produce anxiety. Our biggest source of anxiety around here is the mean, scary gator that shows up every now and then – but, more on him at another time.

Listen to them. Sometimes kids can feel like no one is listening and nothing they say is important. We’re constantly chatting each other up around here. Giving an ear to a child so they can share their fears, feelings, or discuss specific situations in their lives encourages them to become more open. Letting your child vent about their issues is an excellent way to de-stress.

And lastly, grab a book and read to, or with them. I know a good story to read out loud. It’s called, I’m a Different Butterfly and it’s about me, Lulu Noire.

A behind the pages look at…

Lulu Noire’s Black Butterfly Tales® is a new children’s book series featuring character-building topics that support a healthy development of social skills and interaction in children 4 to 8 years old. Each story reflects and shares values, promotes ethical decision making while inspiring and encouraging children to be their best selves. I’m a Different Butterfly, available on Amazon, is the first book from the Lulu Noire’s Black Butterfly Tales® series.

This site is where you’ll get information about the characters, adventures, motivation, and meaning behind Lulu Noire’s Black Butterfly Tales®. We’ll showcase character antics in the form of story extras, short videos, and author insight. Follow us and share all things Lulu Noire’s Black Butterfly Tales® with family and friends.

Sketch Play with Tami Boyce

Illustrator, Tami Boyce

Lulu Noire’s Black Butterfly Tales® are friendship-focused, character-building narratives. The stories are created with young children in mind, as are the drawings for these picture books. Our illustrator, Tami Boyce, is a natural, sketches with ease, and portrays the Kaleidoscope Garden adventures one spread at a time. Here’s a “behind the tales” look at a few of her fun sketched pages from the 1st book of the series, I’m a Different Butterfly.

To inquire about a service or project estimate, email her at

Photo of Tami Boyce was taken by Leslie Ryann McKellar.